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Selection of Various Burglar Bars Available in South Africa

Choose from a wide range of top-class fixed, removable, spaced, clear, decorative, window, door, sliding door, french door and patio burglar bars in South Africa.

Top-class Fixed Burglar Bars

Fixed burglar bars reign supreme in the realm of top-tier security measures.

  • Known for their durability and uncompromised strength, they act as formidable obstacles to any potential intruders.

These bars, customarily made from robust materials such as steel, are virtually impossible to break open or dismantle without specialised tools – a feature that makes them an ideal choice for home and business owners alike.

As evidenced by products like Trellidor fixed burglar bars; these fittings are tailored meticulously to fit each opening flawlessly, thereby ensuring a secure installation every time!

Top-class Removable Burglar Bars

Top-class Removable Burglar Bars offer an added sense of security to homeowners across South Africa.

  • These burglar bars are designed with both safety and convenience in mind, acting as a sturdy deterrent against potential burglars while still allowing for easy access during emergencies or window cleaning.

Crafted from high-quality materials such as steel or polycarbonate, they can withstand substantial force without succumbing to damage.

Clear Burglar Bars serve as a popular choice among the range of top-class options available.

  • Made from robust polycarbonate, these bars ensure durability and resilience while maintaining a clear view through windows.

The price for Top-class Removable Burglar Bars typically ranges between R1 000 to R1 800 per square meter in South Africa; this includes professional installation services which guarantee optimal performance and longevity of the product.

Moreover, these bars can be customised based on individual preferences and specific requirements – whether you want them fixed directly onto the window frame or within a specially tailored frame.

Top-class Spaced Burglar Bars

Top-class Spaced Burglar Bars have earned their place in the league of top-notch home security solutions.

  • With their robust structures and strategic spacing, they provide an efficient defence line against intruders while preserving the appearance of your home or office space.

These burglar bars are available across South Africa from professional installers who promise a seamless installation experience.

  • Their design allows for maximum visibility and light penetration, so you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics for safety’s sake.

Made with sturdy materials like aluminium or steel, these bars offer much-needed durability and resistance against potential break-ins.

Whether for a residential or commercial property, investing in Top-Class Spaced Burglar Bars promises enhanced protection without detracting from your natural view.

Top-class Clear Burglar Bars

Clear burglar bars rank top-class for multiple reasons. They offer exceptional security without obstructing your view, making them a popular choice in South Africa.

  • Clear Burglar Bars lead the market with their high-quality Polycarbonate material.

This robust element ensures increased strength and durability, maintaining an aesthetic appeal while providing optimal safety measures.

  • Armed Polycarbonate Burglar Bars take it up a notch by offering 24/7 perimeter protection coupled with an alarming system that triggers upon intrusion.

As such, clear burglar bars serve as an effective deterrent against potential burglars giving peace of mind to the homeowners!

Top-class Decorative Burglar Bars

Top-class decorative burglar bars are not just about safety, they add an aesthetic appeal to your home.

  • They blend seamlessly with the architecture and design of any home while providing top-rated security.

Made from highly durable materials like aluminium or steel, these bars stand strong against attempted break-ins.

  • Combine them with transparent burglar bars for a perfect blend of style and safety.

The polycarbonate material used in transparent burglar bars offers sturdy and stylish security for modern homes. No longer do you need to sacrifice beauty for safety – opt for top-class decorative burglar bars!

Top-class Window Burglar Bars

Top-class Window Burglar Bars are a reliable asset in the fight against break-ins.

  • They provide fail-safe protection to your home or commercial premises, deterring burglars with their robust construction and visually imposing design.

These burglar bars are crafted with precision without compromising on aesthetic appeal, ensuring your property remains inviting while greatly enhancing its security.

  • Built for durability and long-lasting service, Top-class window burglar bars incorporate materials such as steel and aluminium in their make-up.

The quality of workmanship ensures they withstand harsh weather conditions without faltering or showing signs of wear.

  • Notably, some homeowners prefer polycarbonate safety bars due to transparency that doesn’t obstruct views while providing unwavering security.

One such brand offering this unique combination is SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars – renowned producers of high-quality polycarbonate bars available throughout South Africa.

Top-class Door Burglar Bars

Top-class Door Burglar Bars offer an exceptional level of protection to your home or business.

  • They act as a visible deterrent, making potential intruders think twice before attempting a break-in.

South African brands provide high-quality door burglar bars that can withstand harsh attempts at forcing entry. These bars are designed with sturdy materials—steel often being the top choice for its strength and durability.

  • This tight security doesn’t compromise aesthetics; these bars come in various styles, so they blend seamlessly with the architecture without spoiling exterior appeal.

Installation should be entrusted to professional installers who ensure correct fitting for maximum defense against burglars while adhering to safety regulations for trouble-free operation during emergencies.

Top-class Sliding Door Burglar Bars

Top-class sliding door burglar bars are an excellent choice for enhancing the security of your home or business.

  • These burglar bars are specifically designed to fit over sliding doors, providing a strong and reliable barrier against intruders.

They are made from high-quality materials such as steel or aluminium, ensuring durability and long-lasting protection.

  • With their sleek design, these sliding door burglar bars not only provide security but also add an attractive element to your property.

You can trust in the effectiveness of top-class sliding door burglar bars to keep your premises safe and secure.

Top-class Patio Burglar Bars

Upgrade the security of your patio with our top-class patio burglar bars.

  • These sturdy and durable bars are designed to keep intruders out while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and natural light on your patio.

Made from high-quality materials, our patio burglar bars provide an added layer of protection against break-ins and ensure the safety of your outdoor space.

  • With a variety of designs and finishes available, you can choose the style that best matches your home’s aesthetic.

Don’t compromise on security – invest in our top-class patio burglar bars today for peace of mind and enhanced protection.

Top-class Spanish Burglar Bars

Top-class Spanish Burglar Bars are an excellent choice for enhancing the security of your home.

  • Made from solid steel, these burglar bars provide reliable protection against break-ins and intruders.

With a 5-year guarantee on both materials and workmanship, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a durable and long-lasting security solution.

What sets Spanish burglar bars apart is their construction with aluminium, offering three different options to suit your needs.

  • Whether you prefer fixed bars for permanent security, removable bars for flexibility, or spaced bars for a more open feel, there is a Spanish burglar bar design that will meet your requirements.

For those looking for an even higher level of security without sacrificing visibility, transparent burglar bars made from polycarbonate are also available.

  • These innovative bars provide permanent alarmed perimeter protection while still allowing natural light to enter your home.

The polycarbonate material used in these transparent burglar bars is super strong, ensuring enhanced security without compromising on aesthetics.

Top-class Customizable Burglar Bars

Customizable burglar bars are a top-class option for those looking to enhance their home security.

  • These bars are designed to provide superior protection while also allowing you the flexibility to customize them according to your specific needs.

With various tube sizes available, you can choose the perfect fit for different window sizes and specifications.

  • Additionally, customizable burglar bars can be complemented with retractable doors from the Magnador range, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive security solution for your home.

For those who value both safety and aesthetics, custom or decorative burglar bars offer a premium option that combines enhanced security with visually appealing designs.

Whether you prefer a traditional look or something more modern, customizable burglar bars give you the freedom to create a personalized security solution that meets all your requirements.

Top-class Aluminium window burglar bars

Choose top-class aluminium window burglar bars to enhance the security of your home.

  • These bars are made from high-quality aluminium, which is known for its strength and durability.

They are designed specifically to fit aluminium windows, providing a sleek and seamless look while ensuring maximum protection against intruders.

  • With an average thickness of 5-7 mm, these burglar bars offer a high level of security without compromising on visibility or aesthetics.

Don’t compromise on safety – opt for top-class aluminium window burglar bars for peace of mind in protecting your home.

Top-class Perspex burglar bars

Top-class Perspex burglar bars are a great option for enhancing the security of your windows in South Africa.

  • These bars not only provide robust protection against intrusion but also offer an aesthetically pleasing and attractive solution.

The transparent nature of Perspex makes these burglar bars virtually invisible, ensuring that they don’t obstruct your view or compromise the aesthetics of your home.

  • Unlike traditional glass, Perspex is highly durable and impact-resistant, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting security.

With top-class Perspex burglar bars, you can enjoy both enhanced safety and a visually appealing window solution.

Top-class Polycarbonate burglar bars

Top-class Polycarbonate burglar bars are made from LEXAN Polycarbonate, a high-strength material.

  • These burglar bars offer top-notch security while still maintaining visibility and aesthetics.

In fact, they are considered the most secure clear burglar bars on the market. With 24/7 perimeter protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home or business is safeguarded against intruders.

The level of security provided by these clear burglar bars is comparable to traditional ones, making them an excellent choice for those who prioritize both safety and style.

Pros & Cons of Various Burglar Bars: A Detailed Table Comparison

Burglar Bar Type Pros Cons
Fixed Burglar Bars These provide a strong physical and psychological deterrent, preventing burglars from gaining access through windows. They are not easily removable, which can be a hindrance in case of emergencies.
Removable Burglar Bars They can be easily removed in case of emergencies or for window maintenance. Their removable nature could potentially be exploited by burglars if not properly secured.
Transparent (Polycarbonate) Burglar Bars They offer strong protection and are aesthetically pleasing, providing permanent alarmed perimeter protection. Polycarbonate is super strong. They may not provide the same level of psychological deterrent as visible bars.
Steel Burglar Bars These are a potent deterrent for burglars as they are robust and time-consuming to breach. They can obstruct views and may not suit the aesthetic of every property.
Window Security Bars They are more affordable compared to modern security systems and can effectively keep potential burglars away. The lock unit forms part of the security barrier, fixing the bars to any frame. They can obstruct views and may make window cleaning and maintenance difficult.

Latest Burglar Bar Styles for 2023

  1. Spanish bars: Add a touch of elegance and charm to your windows with decorative Spanish-style burglar bars.
  2. Mini-Spanish bars: These smaller versions of Spanish bars offer the same aesthetic appeal while providing added security.
  3. Retractable bars: Enjoy the flexibility of retractable burglar bars that can be easily opened or closed as needed.
  4. Louvre style burglar proofing: Enhance the visual appeal of your windows with stylish louvre-style burglar proofing.
  5. Cottage pane type bars: Achieve a classic look with cottage pane-type burglar bars that mimic the design of traditional windows.
  6. Roller shutters: For maximum protection, consider installing roller shutters that provide an extra layer of security.

Pros of Burglar Bars in South Africa

  • Transparent burglar bars provide unobstructed views while enhancing security.
  • Burglar bars are a visible deterrent to potential burglars.
  • Burglar bars reinforce windows and doors, making them more difficult to break through.
  • Burglar bars can be customized to fit any style of home or building.
  • Transparent burglar bars made from polycarbonate are strong and durable.
  • Burglar bars offer peace of mind by providing an extra layer of protection for your property.
  • They are an effective way to prevent unauthorized access to your home or business.
  • Transparent burglar bars are aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the look of your property.
  • They are especially popular in coastal areas prone to break – ins, such as Cape Town and Durban.

10 Reasons to Trust a Nearby Professional Burglar Bar Installer with Your Safety

A nearby professional burglar bar installer is the best option for ensuring your safety because:

  1. They have the expertise and knowledge to assess your specific security needs.
  2. They can recommend the most suitable type and design of burglar bars for your home.
  3. Professional installers use high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.
  4. They have the necessary tools and equipment to install the burglar bars securely.
  5. Professional installation ensures that the burglar bars are fitted correctly, maximizing their effectiveness.
  6. Installers adhere to safety regulations and standards, guaranteeing your peace of mind.
  7. They can provide maintenance and repair services to keep your burglar bars in optimal condition.
  8. Professional installers offer warranties or guarantees on their workmanship and products, providing added protection.
  9. They stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements, offering you innovative security solutions.
  10. Trusted installers have a track record of satisfied customers, demonstrating their reliability and expertise.

Low Cost Burglar Bar Services in South Africa [Burglar Proofing Specialists]

Get affordable burglar bar installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection services from our trusted experts at Burglar Proofing Specialists in South Africa.

Affordable Burglar Bar Installation Services in South Africa

Burglar Proofing Specialists offer affordable burglar bar installation services in South Africa.

  • They understand the importance of protecting your home and provide high-quality solutions at competitive prices.

Whether you need fixed, removable, or customizable burglar bars, they have a wide range of options to suit your needs.

  • With their professional installers and expertise in the industry, you can trust them to enhance the security of your propertywithout breaking the bank.

Don’t compromise on safety – choose affordable burglar bar installation services from Burglar Proofing Specialists.

Affordable Burglar Bar Repair Services in South Africa

You can rely on affordable burglar bar repair services in South Africa to keep your home secure.

  • With an average price range of R700 to R2 000 per square metre, these services offer cost-effective solutions for maintaining the integrity of your burglar bars.

Whether you need repairs due to wear and tear or damage from attempted break-ins, professional technicians are available to assess the situation and provide efficient repairs. Don’t compromise on your safety – trust reliable experts who prioritize your security.

Affordable Burglar Bar Maintenance and Inspection in South Africa

Maintaining and inspecting your burglar bars is crucial to ensuring the continued security of your home or business.

  • Luckily, in South Africa, there are affordable options available for these essential services.

Burglar Proofing Specialists offer low-cost solutions for both maintenance and inspection of burglar bars. By regularly maintaining and inspecting your burglar bars, you can identify any potential issues before they become major problems, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • With prices ranging from R700 to R2 000 per square meter for installation, it’s important to protect your investment by keeping them well-maintained and regularly inspected.

Trust the professionals at Burglar Proofing Specialists to provide quality service at a reasonable cost.

Complete Guide to Burglar Bars Installation

Here’s a complete guide on how to install burglar bars:

  1. Measure the windows and doors: Take accurate measurements of the windows and doors where you want to install burglar bars. This will help you determine the right size and quantity needed.
  2. Choose the type of burglar bars: There are various types available, such as fixed, removable, spaced, clear, decorative, window, door, sliding door, patio, Spanish, and customizable. Consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting the type.
  3. Select the material: Burglar bars are commonly made from steel or aluminium. Steel offers greater strength and durability, while aluminium is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Choose the material that suits your requirements.
  4. Determine the installation method: Depending on the type of burglar bars chosen, you’ll need to decide whether to mount them on the inside or outside of your windows or doors. Ensure that there is enough space for installation.
  5. Prepare the surfaces: Clean and prepare the surfaces where you’ll be installing the burglar bars. Remove any dirt or debris to ensure a secure attachment.
  6. Install brackets or frames: Use screws or other appropriate fasteners to attach brackets or frames securely onto the window or door frame.
  7. Attach burglar bars: Place the burglar bars onto the installed brackets or frames carefully. Ensure they fit snugly and are properly aligned.
  8. Secure with bolts or locks: Use bolts or locks provided with the burglar bars to secure them in place. Make sure they are strong enough to resist tampering.
  9. Test for functionality: Check if all installed burglar bars open and close smoothly without any obstructions or difficulties.
  10. Regular maintenance: To ensure their effectiveness over time, regularly inspect and maintain your installed burglar bars for any signs of wear or damage.

2023 Burglar Bar Supply and Installation: Pricing Guide in South Africa

Type of Burglar Bar Supply Price Range Installation Price Range
Fixed Burglar Bars R700-R1 200 per square metre Included in Supply Price
Trellidor Burglar Guard Variable depending on size and specifications Depends on complexity of installation
Clear/Polycarbonate Burglar Bars Variable depending on size and specifications Depends on complexity of installation
Decorative Burglar Bars Variable depending on design and size Depends on complexity of installation
Customizable Burglar Bars Price varies with design and specifications Depends on complexity of installation

The Best Areas and Provinces for Burglar Bar Services in South Africa

Here are the top locations where you can find reliable and professional burglar bar installers:

  1. Gauteng: This province is home to various companies that specialize in clear burglar bars, which are known for their superior security and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Western Cape: If you’re in Cape Town or surrounding areas, you’ll have access to a wide range of burglar bar options, including fixed, removable, and decorative bars. Buco is a well-known supplier in this region, offering high-quality equipment and accessories.
  3. KwaZulu-Natal: In Durban and its neighbouring towns, you can find reputable companies that provide comprehensive burglar bar services. From steel to aluminium bars, these professionals can help enhance the security of your home or business.
  4. Eastern Cape: East London and Port Elizabeth residents can rely on local installers who offer tailored solutions for their specific needs. Whether you’re looking for transparent polycarbonate bars or sturdy steel options, they’ve got you covered.
  5. Limpopo: Polokwane is a hub for burglar bar installations in this province. You’ll find experts who can assist with everything from consultation to installation, ensuring the safety of your property.
  6. Free State: Bloemfontein homeowners have access to affordable yet high-quality burglar bar services. With a range of options available, you can easily find the perfect solution to protect your windows and doors.
  7. Mpumalanga: In this province, nearby cities like Nelspruit offer professional burglar bar installation services using top-class materials like aluminium and steel.
  8. Pretoria (Gauteng): As the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria boasts numerous companies specializing in customizing burglar bars according to your preferences.
  9. Johannesburg (Gauteng): The economic heart of South Africa, Johannesburg provides a wide range of burglar bar services. From installation to repairs, local professionals ensure the security of your premises.
  10. Stellenbosch (Western Cape): Known for its picturesque vineyards and historic architecture, Stellenbosch also offers reliable burglar bar installation services for residential and commercial properties.

Conclusion: Get Only the Top Burglar Bar Installers for Installation or Repairs in Your Area!

Ensure the safety of your home by choosing only the best burglar bar installers for installation or repairs. Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to protecting your property.

  • Trust professionals who have proven expertise in securing homes and providing top-notch service in your area.

Safeguard your peace of mind with trusted burglar bar experts today!


1. What are burglar bars and how do they enhance home security?

Burglar bars for doors and windows, such as mini Spanish or deluxe burglar accessories, are safety measures designed to prevent unauthorized access, enhancing residential security.

2. Where can I find a service for burglar bar installation near me?

You can compare window and door options from various local providers offering residential or commercial installation services. Seeking quotations helps identify the most affordable options in your area.

3. How diverse are the design options for burglar bars?

Burglar bars come with a range of custom designs that fit different patterns on windows and doors – from steel and aluminium materials to transparent services that maintain aesthetics while ensuring safety.

4. Are there child-safe burglar bar alternatives available?

Yes, suppliers manufacture child-safe burglars along with emergency release variants which provide enhanced safety without compromising escape routes during emergencies.

5. What factors affect the cost of installing anti-burglary window bars at homes or businesses?

Factors influencing pricing include material type (such as steel or aluminium), whether it’s customized or not, size of the space to be protected etc., providing an array of choices depending upon budget constraints.

6. Is there any maintenance required after installing Burglar Bars?

Like every household item, routine inspection & assessment increases longevity by identifying early need for retrofitting or repairs if needed

  • Also checking compliance with latest regulations is helpful in maintaining overall security standards.